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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS) (Vol 1, No 1)







Volume 3 Number 6
Assessment of Surface Water Quality of River Benue at Makurdi by Apeh, S. and Ekenta O.E.View AbstractDownload article
Development of Launch Control System Fault Testing Device Based on Embedded Equipment by Jun Li, Xiaoqiang Yang and Yaming GaoView AbstractDownload article
Evaluation of the Appropriate Fairly Used (Tokunbo) Vehicle For Nigeria Use by P.K. OkeView AbstractDownload article
Thermoxidative Degradation of Commonly Used Vegetable Oils: A Comparative Study by C. Andrew; Buba A. A.; A.U. Itodo; E.E.Etim View AbstractDownload article
A CMOS Impulse Radio Ultra-Wideband Transceiver for Inter/Intra-chip Wireless Interconnection by Nhan Nguyen, Nghia Duong, Anh DinhView AbstractDownload article
Establishing Relationships between Some Engineering Properties of Granitic Rock Types in Selected Quarries in South-West, Nigeria by Adeyemo, A. T. and Olaleye, B. M.View AbstractDownload article
Phosphorus-Zinc Interaction for Soybean Production in Soil Developed on Charnockite in Ekiti State by Shittu, O.S. and Ogunwale, J.AView AbstractDownload article
Development of Cash Flow Software Model for Manufacturing Industry by B. O. AkinnuliView AbstractDownload article
On Nonparametric Tests for Transmission of Ailments by Dawodu, G AView AbstractDownload article
Estimation of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of X60 Steel Exposed to a Natural Freshwater Environment by A.Rim-Rukeh and G. IrerhievwieView AbstractDownload article
Computer Aided Design and Drafting of Helical Gears by Akinnuli B. O., Ogedengbe T. I. and Oladosu K. O.View AbstractDownload article
Appraisal of Water Quality Status within Ilesha Environs, South -Western Nigeria by Ayoade Peter Adebayo and Ibitoye Taiwo AbelView AbstractDownload article
On Heat Conduction Problem with Integral Boundary Condition by Raid Almomani and Hasan AlmeflehView AbstractDownload article
Effects of Blower Impeller Speed on Inlet Velocity and Pressure Drop in a Stairmands High Efficiency Cyclone by Oriaku E. C., Ofodile E.I.E and Nwannewuihe H.UView AbstractDownload article
Effect of the Use of Mound Soil as an Admixture on the Compressive Strength of Concrete by O. U. Orie and B. U. AnyataView AbstractDownload article
Personnel Training and Development; A Vital Tool for Construction Workers Performance by Ojambati T.S, Akinbile B.F, and Abiola-Falemu, J.OView AbstractDownload article
Development of an Epicyclic Gear Transmission Laboratory Dynamometer by Adisa A.F. and Inns F. MView AbstractDownload article









ISSN: 2141-7016
Editor in Chief.
Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom




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