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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS) (Vol 1, No 1)







Volume 3 Number 5
Single-Step Technique of Magnetic Data Reduction by Ogah, Arewa J., and Lawal, Kolawole M.View AbstractDownload article
Dye-Sensitized Photo-Oxidation Of Some Vegetable Oils by Maduelosi N. Jane, Obomanu Faithwin G. and Fekarurhobo G Kuta View AbstractDownload article
Investigating Some Engineering Properties of Coffee Seeds and Beans by O.J Olukunle and B.O. AkinnuliView AbstractDownload article
The Challenges of Using Lesson Plan Formats for Effective Teaching of Chemistry in Kisii District, Kenya by Olunga Maureen StellaView AbstractDownload article
The Role of Agricultural Technology in Poverty Reduction among Crop Farmers in Ohaji Area of Imo State, Nigeria by Nnadi, F.N., Chikaire, J., Nnadi, C.D., Utazi, C.O., Echetama, J.A. and Okafor, O.E. View AbstractDownload article
Oil- Cassava Starch-Bonded Cores for Casting Applications by O.Aponbiede and U.ShehuView AbstractDownload article
Nematode Speciation along the New Calabar and Bonny River Systems of the Niger Delta, Nigeria by Asimiea, O. A., and Gobo, A. E.View AbstractDownload article
Evaluation of Moisture Content of Yola Municipal Solid Waste for Energy Production by Baba, M. T and Garba, I.View AbstractDownload article
Model of Radiation Transport at Cosmic Ray Shocks by F. B. Sigalo and E. D. UkoView AbstractDownload article
Development and Validation of Instrument for Assessing Practical Skills in Building Electronics Systems in Nigerian Technical Colleges by Okwelle P. Chijioke and K. R. E. Okoye View AbstractDownload article
Design Modification of a Twin-Cam Screw-Press by A. Isaac Bamgboye and Morakinyo T. AView AbstractDownload article
Evaluation of Rhizosphere Bacteria of Mangifera Indica (Mango) and Terminalia Catappa (Almond) by Wemedo, S. A. And Onolleka, BView AbstractDownload article
Study of Pumps in Multiple Connections by K.T. Ajayi and D. K. MofikoyaView AbstractDownload article
Sustainable Land Management Practices for Climate Change Adaptation in Imo State, Nigeria by Nnadi, F.N., Chikaire, J., Nnadi, C.D., Okafor, O.E. Echetama, J.A. and Utazi, C.O.,View AbstractDownload article
Performance Evaluation of a Single Action Cassava Peeling Machine by O.J Olukunle and B.O. AkinnuliView AbstractDownload article
Demonstration of Chaos in Selected Chaotic Systems by I.A. KamilView AbstractDownload article
Awareness and Adoption of Fish Production Technologies In South-Western, Nigeria by Apata, O.M.View AbstractDownload article
An Analysis of Two Approximate Techniques for Solution of Radioactive Materials Conversion Problem by M. Jiya and O. OmotosoView AbstractDownload article
Caffeine Content of Three Nigerian Cola by Okoli, B.J, Abdullahi, K, Myina, O and Iwu .GView AbstractDownload article
Characterization of Commercial Solid Waste in Benin Metropolis, Nigeria by Dennis Iyeke IgbinomwanhiaView AbstractDownload article
Role of Women in Improving Household Food Security in Owerri North Area of Imo State, Nigeria by Nnadi, F.N., Chikaire, J., Nnadi, C.D., Okafor, O.E. Echetama, J.A. and Utazi, C.O.,View AbstractDownload article
Studies on the Adsorption of Phenol Red Dye Using Silica-filled ENR/PVC Beads by Nurul Amni Abdullah, Rizafizah Othaman, Ibrahim Abdullah, Nazwa Jon and Azizah BaharumView AbstractDownload article
Modeling the Biodegradation of Starch-Filled Polypropylene Plastic in Sea Water Environment by Uyigue, L and Raheem, A. B.View AbstractDownload article
Effects of Roasting on the Proximate Composition and Levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Some Roasted Nigerian Delicacies by O.T. Adetunde, 1T.O. Oluseyi, A.O. Oyeyiola, B.O. Silva, K.O. Olayinka and B.I. AloView AbstractDownload article
The Influence of Temperature and Relative Humidity on Indoor Ozone Concentrations during the Harmattan by Quansah E., Amekudzi L. K., and Preko K.View AbstractDownload article
Modelling Operation and Maintenance Management of Water Supply in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria by O.I Odumodu and E.O. EkentaView AbstractDownload article
Distortional Analysis of Thin-Walled Box Girder Structure: A Comparative Study by Chidolue, Chinenye A., Osadebe, Nkemakonam N., and Aginam, Chukwura HView AbstractDownload article
Impact of Cassava Processing Effluent on Agricultural Soil: A Case Study of Maize Growth by Nwakaudu, M.S., Kamen, F.L., Afube, G., and Nwakaudu, A.A., Ike, I.S.View AbstractDownload article
The Challenges of Power Generation, Utilization and Supply, the Nigeria Vision for the 21st Century by Gabriel Ilori Efenedo and Isaiah O. Akalagboro View AbstractDownload article
Heavy Metal Distribution in Agricultural Soil of Keffi, Nigeria by Abdullahi Danjuma Kassim View AbstractDownload article
An Automated Technique for Averaging 3D Euler Depth Solutions by Ogah, Arewa J., and Lawal, Kolawole M., and Sule, Peter O.View AbstractDownload article
Personnel Training and Development; A Vital Tool for Construction Workers Performance by Ojambati T.S, Akinbile B.F, and Abiola-Falemu, J.OView AbstractDownload article
Performance Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers: A case study by Ebieto, C.E and Eke G.B.View AbstractDownload article









ISSN: 2141-7016
Editor in Chief.
Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom




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