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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS) (Vol 1, No 1)







Volume 3 Number 4
A Review of Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Powered Lighting Sets in a Developing Country by Olabiyi, Banji Ajadi; Adegbola, Amos Adekunle and Kolawole, Oladele PeterView AbstractDownload article
Framework for Green Construction Assessment: A Case Study of Government Institution Building Project in Jakarta, Indonesia by Ferry Firmawan, Fadil Othman, and Khairulzan YahyaView AbstractDownload article
Modification of the Existing Design of a Car Jack by A. S. Akinwonmi and A. Mohammed View AbstractDownload article
A study of starch and Cyanide Contents in Etche Manufactured Garri by Kamalu, C. I. O and Oghome, P.View AbstractDownload article
Application of Decision Theory in Assessing Marginal Oilfield Risks: Niger Delta Hub Example by Alaneme, Charles Ezemonye and Igboanugo, Anthony ClementView AbstractDownload article
Attenuating Large Magneto-Entropy, Heat-Capacity And Adiabatic Temperature Change in Heusler Ni41-XMn50Sn9+X<_X1.5) Alloys by A. A. Prasanna, S. Ram, V. Ganesan and S. Shanmukharao SamanthamView AbstractDownload article
Managing Marginal Oilfield Risks with Fuzzy Logic and Monte Carlo Simulation for Economics Optimization by Alaneme, Charles Ezemonye and Igboanugo, Anthony ClementView AbstractDownload article
Changes in Functional Properties as a Measure of Biochemical Deterioration of Oso (Fermented Seeds of Cathormion Altissimum) by Jolaoso A.A, Ajayi J.O, Ogunmuyiwa S.I.O, and Albert O.MView AbstractDownload article
Fracture Behaviour of AISI 8630 Keel Blocks Casting by A. S. Akinwonmi and S. K. Adzimah View AbstractDownload article
Effect of Rotation and Magnetic Field on Bernard's Instability in a Rarefied Gas by F. B. Sigalo and F. E. Opara View AbstractDownload article
The Behaviour of Portland - Pozzolana Cement Concrete in Aggressive Environments by Alhassan A. Y. and Apata A. O.View AbstractDownload article
Effect of Sag on Transmission Line by Oluwajobi F. I., Ale O. S. and Ariyanninuola A.View AbstractDownload article
Decision Support Systems Using Intelligent Paradigms for Profitability Control by Uduak A. Umoh, Enoch O. Nwachukwu, Augustine A. Umoh, and Etebong B IsongView AbstractDownload article
Spatial Analyses of Magnetotelluric Data in the Northern Part of Congo Craton in South Cameroon Region by Jorelle Larissa Meli'i, Philippe Nouck Njandjock, Alain Francois Mbanga and Eliezer Manguelle-Dicoum View AbstractDownload article
Uptake of Heavy Metals By Okro (Hibiscus Esculentus) Grown on Abandoned Dump Sites in Effurun, Nigeria by Akpofure, Rim-RukehView AbstractDownload article
Relationship between Urban Heat Island Phenomenon and Land Use/Land Cover Changes in Jakarta - Indonesia by Laras Tursilowati, Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Hiroaki Kuze, and Erna Sri AdiningsihView AbstractDownload article
A Study of Vibration Produced by Thermoplastic Engineering Gear and Constructional Steel Gear in the Lathe Drive during Machining by Ademola Samuel Akinwonmi and Stephen Kwasi Adzimah View AbstractDownload article
Mathematical Modeling of Bioremediation of Soil Contaminated With Spent Motor Oil by Abdulsalam SurajudeenView AbstractDownload article
ESL/EFL, Technology and Motivation: The Turkish Case by Irfan TosuncuogluView AbstractDownload article
Effects of Anthropogenic Activities within Warri, Effurun Metropolis, Nigeria by Ayoade, P.A. and Ibitoye, T.A.View AbstractDownload article
Optimization of Centrifugal Compressors: A Case Study by D.P.S. Abam and E.G.SaturdayView AbstractDownload article
Determination of Optimal Dura/Tenera Ratio Required in a Modified Palm Oil and Kernel Extraction Process Using Linear Programming Technique by Nwankwojike, B. Nduka View AbstractDownload article
A Fiber Optic Speedometer using Bifurcated Bundle Fiber by P. Kishore, D. Dinakar, P. Vengal Rao, M. Sai Shankar, D.Sengupta K. Srimannarayana, and R.L.N Sai PrasadView AbstractDownload article
Serum Elements Status of Androgenetic Alopecia Subjects Exposed to Cigarette Smoke or Alcohol by Iyanda A.A.View AbstractDownload article
Development and Performance Evaluation of a Mechanized Hand Borehole Drilling Rig in Submerged Areas of Nigeria by F.A . Adamu and I.O StanleyView AbstractDownload article
Bioassay-Guided Isolation, Purification and Partial Characterization of Antimicrobial Compound from Basic Metabolite of Garcinia Kola by Ejele, A.E, Iwu, I.C., Enenebeaku, C.K., Ukiwe, L.N., and Okolue, B.N.View AbstractDownload article
Euler 3-D Deconvolution of Analytical Signal of Magnetic Anomalies over Iron Ore deposit in Okene, Nigeria by J.O. Amigun, O. Afolabi and B.D. AkoView AbstractDownload article
Optimum Mix Design for Minimum Concrete Strength Requirement Using Akure Pit-sand as Fine Aggregate by S.A. Alabi, L.M. Olanitori, and J.O. Afolayan View AbstractDownload article
Evaluating Locally Available Materials as Partial Replacement for Cement by Apata. A.O. and Alhassan, A. YView AbstractDownload article
Modeling of a Stand-Alone Induction Generator on Load Using MATLAB Simulink by Tilak Thakur and Shailendra Kumar GuptaView AbstractDownload article









ISSN: 2141-7016
Editor in Chief.
Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom




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