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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS) (Vol 1, No 1)







Volume 3 Number 3
A New Family of Numerical Schemes for Solving the Combustion Equation by Ibijola, E. A. and Obayomi, A. A. View AbstractDownload article
Surface Energy Balance Method into Remote Sensing Application and GIS for Drought Monitoring in Bandung, Indonesia by Laras Tursilowati, Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Hiroaki Kuze, and Erna Sri AdiningsihView AbstractDownload article
Demonstration of Chaos in Selected Chaotic Systems by I.A. KamilView AbstractDownload article
Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Muscles and Internal Organs of Chickens Raised in Rivers State, Nigeria by Nick C. Oforka, Leo C. Osuji and Uche I. OnwuachuView AbstractDownload article
Design of a Jathropha Oil Expelling Machine by S.J. Ojolo, J.I. Orisaleye, and S.O. IsmailView AbstractDownload article
Effect of Instruction and Application of Meta-Cognitive Skills in Mathematics on Self-Regulation Growth by Akram Daryaee; Parvaneh Amiripour; and Ahmad ShahvaraniView AbstractDownload article
Preliminary Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activities of Leaf Extracts of Terminalia Catappa by Opara, F. N.; Anuforo, H. U.; Okechuk Wu, R.I.; Mgbemena, I.C.; Akujobi, C.O. and Adjero, A.View AbstractDownload article
A Study of the Abilities of Pseudomona Aeruginosa and Pseudomonas Fluorescens to Degrade Diesel Oil by O.O. Olanipekun; A.O. Ogunbayo; and S.K. LayokunView AbstractDownload article
Evolutionary Trends for the Auriferous Hydrothermal Fluids Inclusions: A Microstructural Study of the Emplacement of Banded Quartz Veins in the Birimian Rocks in Southern Ghana by Hayford, E.K. and Manu, J., and Nyarko Odei, F. View AbstractDownload article
Subsurface Geological Maps Construction Using Vertical Electrical Sounding at Ekiadolor and Ovbiogie Near Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria by Ezomo F.O and C.O. AigbogunView AbstractDownload article
Kinetic Model for Ukpor Clay Dissolution in Hydrochlorlc Acid Solution by Regina O. Ajemba and Okechukwu D. OnukwuliView AbstractDownload article
Mechanisms for Improving the Provision of Facilities for Wood Workshops in Colleges of Education in the North Central Zone of Nigeria by Robert Ogbanje OkworiView AbstractDownload article
Experimental Studies of Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste Using a Bioreactor with Integral Flow Features by Charles N. Agulanna, Goddy N. Onuoha, Emmanuel E. Anyanwu, Emmanuel N. O. Ejike, and Nnamdi, V. OguekeView AbstractDownload article
Development of Martempered Ductile Iron by Step-Quenching Method in Warm Water by Oyetunji Akinlabi and Barnabas A. A.View AbstractDownload article
Pinch Analysis of Heat Exchanger Networks in the Crude Distillation Unit of Port-Harcourt Refinery by Akpa, J. G. and Okoroma, J. U.View AbstractDownload article
Bioremediation of Engine Oil Contaminated Site by A.O. Ogunbayo; R. A. Bello and U. NwagbaraView AbstractDownload article
Geoelectric Reserve Estimation of Laterite Deposits Along a Basement Complex Underlain Osogbo-Iwo Highway, Southwest Nigeria by Akintorinwa, O. J., Ojo, J. S. and Olorunfemi, M. O.View AbstractDownload article
Formulation of a Metal Arc Welding Flux with a Potash Enriched Sodium Silicate Binder by Nwigbo Solomon Chukwuka, Atuanya C.UView AbstractDownload article
Estimating The Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Two-Cell Hollow Sandcrete Blocks by J. C EzeokonkwoView AbstractDownload article
Effects of Microstructures and Process Variables on the Mechanical Properties of Rolled Ribbed Medium Carbon Steel by Oyetunji AView AbstractDownload article
Development of an Inverted Downdraft Biomass Gasifier Cookstove by S. J. Ojolo, J. I. Orisaleye; S. O. Ismail and A. F. OdutayoView AbstractDownload article
Effect of Solvent Type on Tannin Extractability from Three Tetrapleura Tetraptera (Schum. & Thonn.) Taubert Positions for Wood Composite Adhesive Formulation by C. Antwi-Boasiako and S. O. AnimapauhView AbstractDownload article
Chemical Profile of an Anti-malarial Concoction "Udu" used in Umunchi Autonomous Community in Isiala Mbano L.G.A of Imo State, Nigeria by Duru, Majesty, Amadi, Benjamin, Agomuo, Emmanuel and Eze, Adindu.View AbstractDownload article
View AbstractDownload article
Effects of Blending on the Properties of Biodiesel Fuels by E. I. Bello and F. OtuView AbstractDownload article
Pollution Survey of Ikpoba River, Benin City, Nigeria by Igboanugo Anthony Clement and Chiejine Chinedu MichaelView AbstractDownload article
Influence of Cutting Parameters and Tool Wear on Acoustic Emission Signal in High-speed Turning of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy by D.A. Fadare, W.F. Sales, J. Bonney and E.O. EzugwuView AbstractDownload article
Geophysical Study of Clay Attributes in Iruekpen Village Area of Edo State, Nigeria by Ezomo F.OView AbstractDownload article
Assessing the Effect of Bioremediation Agent Made from Local Resource Materials in Nigeria on Soil pH by Adebola A. Adekunle, Iheoma M. Adekunle and Tobit O.View AbstractDownload article









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Editor in Chief.
Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom




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