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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS) (Vol 1, No 1)







Volume 3 Number 2
On the Derivation, Convergence, Consistence and Stability of a New Numerical Integrator by M.R. Odekunle and J. SundayView AbstractDownload article
An Overview on Amorphous Core Transformers by Man MohanView AbstractDownload article
Study of Pumps in Multiple Connections by K.T. Ajayi and D. K. MofikoyaView AbstractDownload article
Self-Excited Response of Multi-Bay R. C. Frames with Stiffened Joints by Onodagu P. D., Ezenwamma A. A. and Nwajuaku A. I.View AbstractDownload article
A 0.13um CMOS Low-Noise Amplifier Using Resistive Feedback Current Reuse Technique for 3.1-10.6 GHz Ultra-Wideband Receivers by Nhan Nguyen, Nghia Duong, Anh DinhView AbstractDownload article
Traffic Analysis in Mobile Communication in Nigeria by Osahenvemwen O.A. and Emagbetere J.View AbstractDownload article
Interface Design Factors Impact on Core Affect by Ismail M. RomiView AbstractDownload article
Hydrogeologic and Geoelectric Determination of Water Table at Aule Area, Akure, in the Hard Rock Terrain of Southwestern Nigeria by I.A. Adeyemo and G.O. OmosuyiView AbstractDownload article
Thermophysical Properties of Nigerian Used Engine Oil by D.B.Yahaya and I.S.DisoView AbstractDownload article
The Effects of Dredge Spoil on the Zooplankton and Macrobenthic Fauna in the Alakiri Oil Field (Niger Delta Nigeria) by Asimiea, Aminanyanaba. O.View AbstractDownload article
Adsorption of Cd(II) From Solution By Nsu Clay: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies by G.K. Akpomie, M.A. Abuh, C.I. Ogbu, A.C. Agulanna and I.O. EkpeView AbstractDownload article
Design and Development of Micro-Turbine Coupled Compressor for Air-Conditioning System in Automobiles by K.T. Ajayi and A. E. Ojakovo View AbstractDownload article
Distribution Transformer with Multi-Stepped Amorphous-Core by Man MohanView AbstractDownload article
Monitoring of Gully Erosion in an Urban Area Using Geoinformation Technology by Jacob .O. Ehiorobo and H.A.P AuduView AbstractDownload article
Biodiesel Production from Ground Nut Oil by E.I. Bello and M. AggeView AbstractDownload article
Geochemical and Grain-size Analysis of Salt-bearing Sediments from Nasarawa Area of North-central Nigeria by Alao David A., and Amadi Akobundu NView AbstractDownload article
Bioaccumulation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Fish and Invertebrates of Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria by Alani Rose, Drouillard Ken, Olayinka Kehinde, and Alo BabajideView AbstractDownload article
Strength Properties of Corn Cob Ash Concrete by Olafusi Oladipupo S and Olutoge Festus AView AbstractDownload article
The Hypoglycemic Effect of Aqueous Extract of the Anacardium occidentale Linn Leaves Grown in Nigeria on Normoglycemic Albino Rats by Saidu, A. N., Mann, A., Balogun, S.View AbstractDownload article
Phytochemistry and Antimicrobial Potential of Basic Metabolites of Piper Umbellatum, Piper Guineense, Ocimum Gratissimium and Newbouldia Laevis Extracts by Ejele, A.E., Duru, I.A, Ogukwe, C.E, Iwu, I.C.View AbstractDownload article
Knowledge-Based Economy in Nigeria: The Role of ICT by Imiefoh, PedroView AbstractDownload article
Investigations on Design of 400-KVA Distribution Transformer with Amorphous-Core and Amorphous-CRGO Core by Man Mohan and Puneet Kumar SinghView AbstractDownload article
Geophysical Study of Sandstone Properties At Ozalla Area of Edo State, Nigeria by Ezomo F.O View AbstractDownload article
Analyses of Fractures Orientations of Ekpeshi Dolomite Deposit, South-West, Nigeria by Ajibade Z.F and Olaleye, B.MView AbstractDownload article
Investigation of Metal Contaminants in Locally Ground Foods (Beans and Tomatoes) by D.B. Yahaya, D.A. Aremu and I. Abdullahi View AbstractDownload article
An Investigation into the Impact of Total Quality Management Application in the Construction Industry (A Case of Training) by Iruobe, Otoekhile Jonathan, Ojambati, Timothy Sunday, Akinpade, Joseph Ayobami, Iruobe, TracyView AbstractDownload article
An Examination of Performance Models in Execution of Major Upstream Oil and Gas Projects in Nigeria by Obawole, A.BView AbstractDownload article
Equilibrium Isotherm Studies on the Sorption of Pb(II) from Solution by Ehandiagu Clay by G.K. Akpomie, I.C.Ogbu, A.A. Osunkunle, M.A. Abuh and M.N. AbonyiView AbstractDownload article
Geophysical Properties of Sub Surface Lithologies at Ekpoma Area of Edo State, Nigeria by Ezomo F.O and Aiyohuyin, E.OView AbstractDownload article
Geophysical Investigation at a Proposed Residential Estate in Ibadan of Nigeria: Hydrological and Geotechnical Implication by J.O. Amigun, S.T. Owolabi and K.A.N. AdiatView AbstractDownload article
Underground Water Quality Assessment in Doko Community, Niger State Nigeria by Yisa, J; Gana, P. J; Jimoh, T.O and Yisa, DView AbstractDownload article
Effect of Fouling on Heat Transfer Surfaces in Boilers by K.T. Ajayi and A. A. AkandeView AbstractDownload article









ISSN: 2141-7016
Editor in Chief.
Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom




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