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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS) (Vol 1, No 1)







Volume 2 Number 6
Message to all Authors by Prof. Ron Kennedy (Managing Editor)View AbstractDownload article
Optimum Requirements for the Synthesis of Biodiesel Using Fatty Acid Distillates by Atu A. Ayuk; Emeka C. Umunakwe and Akunna E. EjeleView AbstractDownload article
Kinematic Analyses of Different Types of Rock Slope Failures in a Typical Limestone Quarry in Nigeria by Olaleye, B.M and Ajibade Z.FView AbstractDownload article
Research on the Method of Testability Index Determination for the System-Level BIT Based on Multi-Objective Optimization by Chunsheng Zhu, Qi Zhang, Hongliang Ran, Fantun SuView AbstractDownload article
Inverse Gaussian Apodized Fiber Bragg Gating for Narrow Bandwidth using Phase Chirp Tuning by Maarg Nguse Welehtsan and B.B.PadhyView AbstractDownload article
Index Analysis of the Causes of Vehicular Traffic Congestion in South-Eastern Nigeria by Onyelowe Kennedy ChibuzorView AbstractDownload article
Flammability Characteristics of Alkaline Aqueous Solution Treated Coconut Shell - HDPE Composites by E .Y. Ishidi, E.G. Kolawole, I.K Adamu and Obele, C.MView AbstractDownload article
Selection of Appropriate Clay for Furnace Lining In a Pyrolysis Process by I. F. Titiladunayo and O. P. FapetuView AbstractDownload article
A Review on Potential Reuse of Recovered Nonmetallic Printed Circuit Board Waste by Johan Sohaili, Siti Suhaila Mohamad, Shantha Kumari MuniyandiView AbstractDownload article
A Pilot Study on the Levels of Some Toxic and Non-Toxic Elements in Urine Samples of University Students by Madukosiri C.HView AbstractDownload article
Biochemical Implications of the Consumption of Water from Otamiri River, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria by Akubugwo, E. I and Duru, M. K.C.View AbstractDownload article
Engineering Properties of NPK Fertilizer Modified Soil by Ezeokonkwo, J. CView AbstractDownload article
Fracture Characterization: An Effective Technique for Ensuring Accurate Blast Design by M. A Saliu and J.M AkandeView AbstractDownload article
Shear Strength of Normal and Light Weight Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams without Web Reinforcement by Shuaib H. Ahmad, S.F.A.Rafeeqi, Shamsoon FareedView AbstractDownload article
Concentrations of Trace Metals in Axonopus Compressus Within an Abandoned Steel Industry Environment by Ukpong, E. G., Udosen, E.D., Asuquo, J. E., and Etim, E. EView AbstractDownload article
Geoelectric Delineation of Structurally-Controlled Leachate Plume Around Otutubiosun Dumpsite, Akure, Southwestern Nigeria by S. Bayode; G. O. Omosuyi; K. A. Mogaji and S. T. AdebayoView AbstractDownload article
Integrated Mucuna-Inorganic Fertilizer Management for Sustainable Maize Production on the Vertisols in the Accra Plains of Ghana by K.K. Nyalemegbe, G. K. Agbozo and A.A. Addo-QuayeView AbstractDownload article
The Development of a Blend of Moringa Oleifera Oil with Diesel for Diesel Engines by Uzama, D.; Thomas, S.A.; Orishadipe, A.T, and Clement, O.AView AbstractDownload article
Studies on the Mechanism of Using Piezoelectric Energy to Control Wax Deposition by Sulaiman, A. D and Ajienka, J. AView AbstractDownload article
Power flow and Contingency Assessment Simulation of the expanding 330KV Nigeria Grid Using Power World Simulator by Izuegbunam F. I., Duruibe S. I. and Ojukwu G. G.View AbstractDownload article
ITRF 2008 Realization of the Nigerian Geocentric Datum (GDN2012): Preliminary Results by Dodo, J. D.; Yakubu, T. A.; Usifoh, E. S., and Bojude, AView AbstractDownload article
Enhancement of Microcalcification Features in Mammograms using Zero-Crossings of the Contourlet Transform by Rekha Lakshmanan, Rahila Ramesh, Vinu ThomasView AbstractDownload article
Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Sandcrete Cubes by Ezeokonkwo, J. C and Nwoji, C. UView AbstractDownload article
Comparative Analysis of the Usability of Academic Websites of Delta State Polytechnics by David Ese Okene and Victor Efe EnukpereView AbstractDownload article
Thermodynamic Assessment of Grid-Based Gas Turbine Power Plants in Nigeria by F. I. Abam; I. U. Ugot and D. I. IgbongView AbstractDownload article
The Effect of Cane Molasses on Strength of Expansive Clay Soil by Julius K. M'NdegwaView AbstractDownload article
Monitoring for Horizontal Movement in an Earth Dam Using Differential GPS by Jacob. O. Ehiorobo and Raphael Irughe-EhigiatorView AbstractDownload article
The Study of Doping Concentration in ALYGA1-YN Block Layer Based on Multi Quantum Well of 313m LED by Nguyen Van Hieu and Huynh Hoang TrungView AbstractDownload article
A New Generalised Inverse Polynomial Model in the Exploration of Response Surface Methodology by Owoseni D.O. and Fatokun J.OView AbstractDownload article
Physio-chemical and Microbial Analysis of Boreholes water samples: A case of some boreholes in Edo North, Edo State by Iyasele Julius U and Idiata David. JView AbstractDownload article
The Capacitive Pressure Sensor for High Temperature Application: Design and Fabrication by Tran Le Thien Thuy; Shuji Tanaka, Masayoshi Esashi and Nguyen Van HieuView AbstractDownload article
Study of Physio-Mechanical Properties of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) - Palm Kernel Nut Shell (Elaeis Guineasis) Composites by E .Y. Ishidi, E.G. Kolawale, K.O Sunmonu, M.K. Yakubu, I. K Adamu and Obele, C. MView AbstractDownload article
Design of a Powered Support System in Enugu Coal Mine by Akande, J.M. and Saliu M.AView AbstractDownload article
A Case Study of Ground Penetrating Radar for Non-Destructive Testing Applied to Underground Culvert Structures by Kun. Fa. LeeView AbstractDownload article









ISSN: 2141-7016
Editor in Chief.
Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom




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