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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS) (Vol 1, No 1)







Volume 2 Number 5
Users Feedback on SMS-Parking Service in Oman by Syed Jafar NaqviView AbstractDownload article
The Impact of Hydrocarbon Waste from Brass Oil terminal on the Phytoplankton and Periphyton Communities of the Lower Brass River, Niger Delta, Nigeria by Asimiea, O. A. and Sam-Wobo, S. O View AbstractDownload article
Sorption of Lead (II) and Copper (II) ions from Aqueous Solution by Acid Modified and Unmodified Gmelina Arborea (Verbenaceae) Leaves by Jimoh Oladejo Tijani, Muriana Musah and Izuelumba BlessingView AbstractDownload article
Performance Evaluation of Egunsi Melon (Citrullus Colocynthis L.) Seeds oil Biodiesel by Bello, E.I. and Makanju AView AbstractDownload article
Tool Requirement Planning for Automated Manufacturing Systems by D. Ganeshwar Rao; C. Patvardhan and Ranjit SinghView AbstractDownload article
Lead, Copper and Zinc Concentrations in Roadside Topsoil of Niger State, Nigeria by Y. A. Iyaka and S. E. KakuluView AbstractDownload article
Geophysical Investigation of Shallow Aquifer In Idoa Village of Edo State, Nigeria by F.O. Ezomo and C.N. Akujieze View AbstractDownload article
Establishment of Geodetic Control in Jebba Dam using CSRS - PPP Processing Software by R. Ehigiator-Irughe; M. O. Ehigiator and S. A. UzoekweView AbstractDownload article
Identification of Pipelines from the Secondary Reflect Wave Travel Time of Ground-Penetrating Radar Waves by Kun. Fa. LeeView AbstractDownload article
Data Security in Health Information Systems by Applying Software Techniques by Odabi I. Odabi and Sogbaike C. OluwasegunView AbstractDownload article
The Effect of Petroleum Waste on Insect Occurrence, Speciation and Distribution at the Brass Terminal in Niger Delta Area of Nigeria by Asimea, O.A. And Zakka, UView AbstractDownload article
OFDM Technique for Multi-carrier Modulation (MCM) Signaling by H. Umadevi and K.S. GurumurthyView AbstractDownload article
Geophysical Study of Limestone Attributes At Abudu Area of Edo State, Nigeria by F.O. Ezomo and C.N. Akujieze View AbstractDownload article
Nutritional Composition of the Leaves and Stems of Ocimum Gratissimum by S. Idris, Y.A. Iyaka, M. M. Ndamitso and Y.B. Paiko View AbstractDownload article
The Structural Study of RTIn5 (T= Co, Rh) Compounds by SEM, EDX and XDR measurements by Nguyen Van HieuView AbstractDownload article
Transient Analysis of Heat Exchanger Networks in the Crude Distillation Unit of Port-Harcourt Refinery by Akpa, J. G., Dagde, K. K. And Okoroma, J. UView AbstractDownload article
Phytochemical and Antinutrients Evaluation of Oxyporus Populinus by J. E. Asuquo and E. E. EtimView AbstractDownload article
Computer Aided Design of Dashpot for 0.040-2ton Vibrating Machines by Adeyeri M. K., Ayodeji S. P, Emovon I., Adesina F., Oguntuyi V. F.View AbstractDownload article
Variational Solution of Critical Normal Stress Distribution of Footing on Slope by K.C. Onyelowe and J.C. AgunwambaView AbstractDownload article
Buckling of Fiber-reinforced Annular Disks Subjected to a Concentrated Tangential Edge Load by V. SoamidasView AbstractDownload article
Optimizing the Performance of a Marine Diesel Engine towards Proactive Condition Monitoring by Anthony A. Ishiodu and Ezenwa A. OgbonnayaView AbstractDownload article
Bending Analysis of Isotropic Rectangular Plate with All Edges Clamped: Variational Symbolic Solution by Osadebe N. N and Aginam C. HView AbstractDownload article
Development and Performance Evaluation of a Parboiling Machine for Poundo-Yam Flour Processing Plant by Ayodeji S.P and Abioye T.EView AbstractDownload article
Subsoil Evaluation for Pre-foundation Study using Geophysical and Geotechnical Approach by Akintorinwa, O. J and Abiola O. View AbstractDownload article
Geophysical and Geotechnical Characterisation of Foundation Beds at Kuchiyaku, Kuje Area, Abuja, Nigeria by E.T. Faleye and G.O. Omosuyi View AbstractDownload article
Strength Evaluation of Rocks in Amata-Lekwesi, Eastern Nigeria Using Diamond Coring Bit Penetration Rate by Ngerebara, O. D., Aitsebaomo, F. O., Teme, S. C, and Abam T. K. S.View AbstractDownload article
Spatial Impulse Function of Optical Systems with Bartlett Window Functions by Alety Srisailam, Vendavetla Dharmaiah, Ramanamurthy M.VView AbstractDownload article
Simulation of Loading and Haulage of Fragmented Rock in a Typical Granite Quarry in Ondo State, Nigeria by B. M. Olaleye and P. E. AdagbonyinView AbstractDownload article
Determination of Heavy Metal Levels in Water and Sediments of River Gongola in Adamawa State, Nigeria by O.N. Maitera, J.T. Barminas and S.T. MagiliView AbstractDownload article









ISSN: 2141-7016
Editor in Chief.
Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom




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