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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS) (Vol 1, No 1)







Volume 2 Number 3
3D Modeling of Quarry Site Using GPS Observations by R. Ehigiator - Irughe, M. O. EhigiatorView AbstractDownload article
Development and Evaluation of a Melon Shelling and Cleaning Machine by Kassim M. James, Victor Umogbai and Isaac N. ItodoView AbstractDownload article
Simulation of Gas Turbine Operations by Etebu, O.M.O View AbstractDownload article
Continuum Based Tumor Growth Modeling by A. A. Golneshan and H. NematiView AbstractDownload article
Effect of Shape Configuration on the Deflection of Timber Trusses by Ezeagu C.A and Offor N.IView AbstractDownload article
Engineering Research for Sustainable Development in Africa by O.A IghodaloView AbstractDownload article
Influence of Unbalanced Voltages on the Movement of Metallic Particle in a Three Phase Common Enclosure Gas Insulated Busduct by Nagabhushan, J.Amarnath and D.SubbarayuduView AbstractDownload article
Inventory of insect Species on Eichhornia Crassipes (Water Hyacinth) on Ogun River, South - Western, igeria by O. A. OKEView AbstractDownload article
Learn and Grow by Z. TjiparuroView AbstractDownload article
Studies on the Drying Tendency of Parabolic Concentrator Dryer on Vegetables, Roots and Tubers by Adesina, K.A., Komolafe, E.A., Badejo, O.F.View AbstractDownload article
Conducting Particle Contamination in a Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) With Image Charge of the Conductor by K B V S R Subrahmanyam, J.AmarnathView AbstractDownload article
Coherent generator based Transient Stability Analysis of the 16 machines, 330KV Nigeria Power System by Izuegbunam F. I., Okafor E. N. C., Ogbogu S. O. E.View AbstractDownload article
Technological and Non -Technological Factors Responsible for the Occurrence of Collapse Buildings in South - Western Nigeria by Olusola, K. O; Ojambati T. S and Lawal, A. FView AbstractDownload article
Mating Procedures of Insects with Particular Reference to Neochetina Eichhorniae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). A Biological-Control Agent of Water Hyacinth by O. A. OkeView AbstractDownload article
Transfer Capability Computations Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network under Deregulated Power System by K.Suneeta, J.Amarnath, S.KamakshaiahView AbstractDownload article
Investigating the Use of Sorghum as Malted Barley Adjunct in Brewing Process by Ogbeide, S.OView AbstractDownload article
Nutrient and Antinutrient Composition of "Onunu" and "Mgbam", Traditional Foods of Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality in South-Southern Nigeria by B.A. Amadi , E. O. Ayalogu and E. N. OnyeikeView AbstractDownload article
Improving Productivity in Soya-Bean Processing Through the Design and Fabrication of Double Action Decoating and Separation Machine by C.N Agulanna, E.C Oriaku and J.C EdehView AbstractDownload article
The Need to Know the Right Fuel for Different Engines in Developing Countries by Isaac, O.F., Okoro, K, and Obodeh, O,View AbstractDownload article
The Effect of Desludging/Adsorption Ratios on the Recovery of Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) From Spent Engine Oil by Etebu O.M.O and Josiah, P.NView AbstractDownload article
Assessment of the Level of Agreement among Metrics for Comparing Non-Dominated Sets by E. O. Oyetunji View AbstractDownload article
Assessment of Solar Pv-Grid Parity in Akure, South-West Nigeria by Melodi A.O and Famakin S.RView AbstractDownload article
Development and Evaluation of a Biomass Stove by V. I. Umogbai and J. G. OrkumaView AbstractDownload article
Performance Evaluation of the Local Charcoal-Fired Furnace for Recycling Aluminium by O.A. Ighodalo, G. Akue, E. Enaboifo and J. OyedohView AbstractDownload article
Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive Using SVPWM - MRAS Speed Observer by K. Suman and V. AdityaView AbstractDownload article
Method of Determining the Critical Impact Velocity of Energetic Devices by Liang Wang; Xiaoqiang Yang; Haishan Yang and Baoguo Zhu; Yunfeng WangView AbstractDownload article
Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Activity of the Methanol and Chloroform Extracts of Alchornea Cordifolia by B.M.W. Amos-Tautua; S. S. Angaye and G. JonathanView AbstractDownload article
Production, Characterization and Evaluation of Castor oil Biodiesel as Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engines by Bello E.I and Makanju AView AbstractDownload article
Managing and Improving Upon Bandwidth Challenges in Computer Network by John S.N., Okonigene R.E., Matthews V.O., Akinade B., Chukwu I.SView AbstractDownload article
Strength and Hardness of Directionally- Rolled AA1230 Aluminum Alloy by Samson Oluropo Adeosun; Wasiu Ajibola Ayoola; Muideen Bodude; and Samuel Olujide SanniView AbstractDownload article
Geophysical Determination of Subsurface Lithologies at Oluku Village of Edo State, Nigeria by Ezomo, F. O. and Akujieze, C. NView AbstractDownload article
Extraction and Blending of Nigerian Oilsand-Crude with Nigerian Bonny-Light Crude at Various Temperatures for Flow Quality Enhancement by Thomas A. Adebayo; Fiyinfoluwa I. Oyelade and Oloruntoba OwolabiView AbstractDownload article
On the Comparability of Linear Partial Differential Operators by Raid Al-MomaniView AbstractDownload article









ISSN: 2141-7016
Editor in Chief.
Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom




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