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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS) (Vol 1, No 1)







Volume 2 Number 2
Design of a MEMS-Based Flight Information Measurement Unit For UAV Application by Jaw-Kuen Shiau, Der-Ming Ma, Tsung-Hsing Wu, Li-Huei HuangView AbstractDownload article
Evaluation of Selected Physical Properties of Soils as Influenced by Legumes and ProminoI-P Fertilization by E.U. Onweremadu, E.E.Ihem, 1S.Onwudike, B.N.Ndukwu, C.M.Idigbor and C.C. AsiabakaView AbstractDownload article
2-D Geo-electric Evaluation of Soil Contamination By Surface Oil and Gas Tanks in Sedimentary Formation by Badmus, B. S., Obawole, A. O and Ganiyu, S. AView AbstractDownload article
Assessment of Traffic Safety and Awareness among Youth in Al-Ahsa Region, Saudi Arabia by Emhaidy S. Gharaibeh and Ahmad M. Abu AbdoView AbstractDownload article
Exergetic Appraisal of Delta IV Power Station, Ughelli by Ighodaro O.O. And Aburime B.AView AbstractDownload article
Impact of Severe Solar Flare Effects (SFE) and Sudden Storm Commencement (SSC) on Geomagnetic Fields, Across Latitudes by Okeke, F. N and Ichoja, A. I View AbstractDownload article
Resistivity Method: A Tool for Identification of Areas of Corrosive Groundwater in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria by J.C. EgbaiView AbstractDownload article
Tensile and Compressive Strength Characteristics of Raffia Palm Fibre-Cement Composites by Odera, R.S., Onukwuli, O.D. and Osoka, E.CView AbstractDownload article
The Design and Construction of an Infrared Activated Security System at 9 Khz Frequency by M. R. Usikalu, K. D. Adedayo, A. S. Adekola and A. M. ArogunjoView AbstractDownload article
Study on Dynamic Behavior for Pile-Soil-Bridge Structure Seismic Interaction in Liquefying Ground under Strong Earthquake by Baydaa Hussain Maula, Ling XianZhang, Tang LiangView AbstractDownload article
Neuro-Fuzzy Based Modeling of Electrostatic Fields for Non-Harmattan Season in Zaria by O. Akinsanmi; B.G. Bajoga; M.S.T. Abdoulie; and Y. A. ShaabanView AbstractDownload article
Investment Analysis for the Establishment of a Plant for Manufacturing Gas-Fired Furnaces for Non-Ferrous Metals by O.A. IghodaloView AbstractDownload article
Three Dimensional Dynamic Analysis Of Ancient Egyptian Obelisks To Investigate Their Behavior Under Aqaba Earthquake by Ahmed K. Abdel-Gawwad, Hala M. El-Kady and Ashraf M. ShalabyView AbstractDownload article
Investigation of Performance Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Diesel-Kerosene Blends by O. Obodeh and F. O. IsaacView AbstractDownload article
On Statistical Tests for Transmission of Ailments by Dawodu, G A, Asiribo, O E, Adelakun, A A, Ozoje, M O and Akinwale, T AView AbstractDownload article
Vertical Electrical Sounding for the Investigation of Clay Deposit in Orerokpe, Delta State by Egbai, J. CView AbstractDownload article
The Effect of Chloride Salts on the Mechanical Properties of Gray Cast Iron by O. Aponbiede and N.M. OkelekweView AbstractDownload article
Registered Business Names Awareness among Engineering Outfits Owners in and around Benin Metropolis of Edo State, Nigeria by Ariavie G.O, Ariavie S.S and Agboghoroma HView AbstractDownload article
Adaptive Multiuser Receivers Scheme for MIMO OFDM over Iterative-Equalization for Single-Carrier Transmission by Titus Eneh, Grace Oletu, Predrag Rapajic, Kwashie Anang and Bello LawalView AbstractDownload article
Characteristics of an Aluminum Alloy after Generation of Fine Grains Using Equal Channel Angular Extrusion Process by S. T. Adedokun and Y. K. ChouView AbstractDownload article
Optimization of the Flexural Strength of Raffia Palm Fibre-Cement Composites by Odera, R.S., Onukwuli, O.D. and Osoka, E.C.View AbstractDownload article
Thermospheric Wind Variation in the Low Latitude using CHAMP Satellite Data by Sivla, W. T. and Okeke, F. NView AbstractDownload article
Processing water hyacinth into biomass Briquettes for cooking purposes by O.A. Ighodalo, K. Zoukumor, C. Egbon, S. Okoh and K. OduView AbstractDownload article
The Effect of Recycled Aggregates on Creep Behavior of Structural Concrete: Gaza Strip a Case Study by Y.S.Ghuraiz; M. H. Swellam; G. L. K. Garas; A. M. RagabView AbstractDownload article
Activity Levels of Some Erythrocyte Enzymes (Glutathione S- Transferase, Nadh Ferricyanide Reductase) and Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase in the Three Human Genotype (Hbss, Hbaa And Hbas) in Southern Nigeria by Ezeiruaku, F.C., Eze, E. M. and Ukaji, D. CView AbstractDownload article
An Ultra-Low-Power 15-bit Digitally Controlled Oscillator with High Resolution by Nasser Erfani Majd and Mojtaba LotfizadView AbstractDownload article
What are they made up of today? A look at Engineering Education in Developing Nations with Nigeria as a Case Study by Samuel T. AdedokunView AbstractDownload article
Prevalence of Prostate Cancer among Men with Elevated Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Level in Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria by Ezeiruaku, F.C., Eze, E. M., Ukaji, D. C. and Okoye, F. CView AbstractDownload article
Performance Evaluation of a Solar Still for Salty Water Desalination by O.A Ighodalo and F.A. Ebhodaghe View AbstractDownload article
On the Statistics of Susceptibility to Catching Ailments Around Accidental Pollution Sites by Dawodu. G A, Asiribo. O E, Adelakun. A A, Ozoje. M O, and Akinwale. T AView AbstractDownload article
Morphology and Thermal Properties of Alkaline Treated Palm Kernel Nut Shell - HDPE Composites by E .Y. Ishidi, I. K Adamu, E.G. Kolawale, K.O Sunmonu, M.K. YakubuView AbstractDownload article
Exploration of Trapezoidal Flowrate Contractions Resulting from Pavement Distress by J. Ben-Edigbe, N.Mashros and A. MinhansView AbstractDownload article
Algorithm for Fingerprint Verification System by S. A Daramola and C .N NwankwoView AbstractDownload article
A Review on Equal Channel Angular Extrusion as a Deformation and Grain Refinement Process by Samuel T. AdedokunView AbstractDownload article
Development of a Wind Rosette for Farmstead Planning in Ibadan Environ, Nigeria by Yahaya Mijinyawa and Titus AwogbuyiView AbstractDownload article









ISSN: 2141-7016
Editor in Chief.
Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom




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