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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS)


Article Title: Relationship between Urban Heat Island Phenomenon and Land Use/Land Cover Changes in Jakarta - Indonesia
by Laras Tursilowati, Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Hiroaki Kuze, and Erna Sri Adiningsih

Land use and land-cover changes (LULCC) are one of the important causes of urban climate change, often represented by urban heat islands (UHI) in megacity areas, including Jakarta-Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of LULCC on the UHI phenomenon in Jakarta city by employing the remote sensing technique. This study is significant as a means to monitor climate change due to urban development, and would be useful to urban planners.We have analyzed the LULCC and UHI phenomena in Jakarta using Landsat satellite data in 1989 and 2002. Principal methods employed in this research are unsupervised classification, overlay matrix, boxplot statistical analysis for LULCC and thermal remote sensing for surface temperature (Ts) estimation. LULCC that indicated in 1989 was dominated by vegetation (26655 ha), but in 2002 dominated by residence (27399 ha), resulting from the expansion of the residence area (3407 ha), industry (1549 ha) and waterbody (262 ha) along with the decrease of vegetation area from 26655 to 2143 ha (-5218 ha). In both 1989 and 2002, distribution of UHI with high Ts (larger than 30 oC) is seen in the central area of the city where buildings, roads, and other non-vegetation surface types are dominant. The area of UHI in 1989 is around 8453 ha, but in 2002 expanded to 56834 ha. The lower surface temperature found in vegetation and waterbody areas.
Keywords: LULCC; urban climate change, UHI, overlay matrix, boxplot, landsat satellite
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ISSN: 2141-7016

Editor in Chief.

Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom



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