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Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS)


Article Title: Comparative Micromorphological Studies on Two Landolphia Species in North Central Nigeria
by C.U. Aguoru; A. Ahemen and J.O. Olasan

Two species of Landolphia were studied in the North central axis of Nigeria using micro-morphological features with a view to exploiting the biosystematics and taxonomic importance of the features obtained. Landolphia been known to have taxonomic complexity. Plant materials of the two species were collected from different locations within the study area and leaf epidermal layers were microscopically prepared, stained and viewed. Leaf epidermal features were characterized and compared. Results showed huge differences in the stomata types and stomata indices that are of taxonomic significance and separate the species but epidermal cell shapes were of the same dimensional pattern and affirms inclusion in the same genus. Though stomata were hardly observed on the adaxial surfaces of the two species, the abaxial surface of L. capensis possessed three types of stomata: tetracytic, anomocytic and anisocytic while L. owarensis had two types: paracytic and anisocytic. Coupled with the differences in the number of epidermal cells, the stomata indices of L.capensis and L.owarenesis were 73.35% and 35.5% respectively. Therefore, the former species possessed more stomata complex types and stomata density than the latter. This separates the species and reinforces their being treated as separate ones. This data on the two Landolphia are maiden and available for the first time. This study therefore clearly separated the two species based on their unique epidermal characters as micro-morphological and micro-anatomical evidences and has clearly shown the taxonomic value of epidermal features in this genus.
Keywords: micromorphology, landolphia species, stomata, epidermis, taxonomy
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ISSN: 2141-7016

Editor in Chief.

Prof. Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
University of Newcastle
United Kingdom



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